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Adding Gradescope to a D2L Course

This short video demonstrates how to add gradescope to a D2L course.

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TurnItIn - The Similarity Report Part 3 - Interpreting the Report

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TurnItIn - The Similarity Report Part 2 - Filters and Exclusions

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TurnitIn - The Similarity Report Part 1 - The Similarity Score

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D2L Assignments - Assess an Assignment using TurnItIn® - Instructor

Provide inline annotations, and feedback while monitoring an assignment for plagiarism by assessing an assignment with TurnItIn® enabled. This tutorial shows how to assess an assignment using…

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D2L Assignments - Create an Assignment and Enable TurnItIn® - Instructor

Enable the TurnItIn® integration on your assignments to monitor, grade, annotate, and compare submissions to an online database of original content. This tutorial shows how to edit an assignment,…

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